Governing Body

The draft recommendations for a governing body for HECoS are as follows.

Please comment on matters such as priority, relevance, clarity, and sufficiency.

Recommendation 1
HECoS should be governed by an authoritative body that is driven by the requirements of core sector bodies and Higher Education providers and has clearly established channels to enable a wide range of stakeholders to input their requirements.

Recommendation 2
The governing body must represent a formal central point of governance, with clearly published and controlled rules, regulations, terms of reference, and lines of communication.  Stakeholders must have a clear understanding of the regulations that govern HECoS, the appropriate channels to provide input, and the terms of reference and operational procedures of the governing body itself.

Recommendation 3
It is recommended that the HECoS governing body should be composed of a Board of Governors and a Secretariat. The Board of Governors should contain representatives of appropriate core sector bodies and Higher Education providers and should have an independent chair who is not a member of any core sector body or HEp. Rules to define the composition of the Board and the tenure of Board members should be drawn up by the HEDIIP Programme Board.  The Secretariat would oversee the day-to-day management of the coding scheme, collate candidate terms, monitor usage and make recommendations to the Board. The organisation that houses the Secretariat would be the legal entity that owns HECoS.

This is one of a set of pages seeking comment on the draft Governance Model.


One thought on “Governing Body

  1. We welcome the recommendations outlined above and support the need for a strong mechanism for the management of HeCos. We would advocate that the membership and terms of reference for the secretariat i.e. the administrating body for HeCos be carefully considered.

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