HECoS Webinar

On Thursday 23rd April the HEDIIP Subject Coding Project held a webinar as part of the consultation around the new classification scheme. It included a description of why the new classification scheme is being developed, how it differs from JACS3, and how your organisation can provide feedback on the work so far. The webinar was hosted by Jisc, the topic of subject classification aligns with Jisc’s work with the sector on course data and its use in supporting the student experience and business intelligence

The webinar recording is available in two formats:

Blackboard collaborate native playbackThis is the most faithful to the original presentation however it requires JAVA and may not be compatible with the security settings on your computer.

Video recording on YouTubeThis should be more accessible than the native playback, and we have addressed some of the glitches that happened during the presentation.

[Remember you can watch the video full screen if the text is too small.]

Webinar agenda:

  1. Welcome and introduction. Ruth Drysdale (Jisc) [interrupted]
  2. An overview of HEDIIP. Adam Cooper (Cetis)
  3. What is subject coding for? Alan Paull (APS Ltd)
  4. Why change JACS? Alan Paull
  5. The difference between JACS and HECoS. Wilbert Kraan (Cetis)
  6. A walk through the HECoS site & how to provide feedback. Wilbert Kraan.
  7. Questions and discussion. Ruth Drysdale
  8. About Jisc’s involvement. Ruth Drysdale



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